Monday, November 16, 2009

Long Torso, Short Legs...

[Thanks for everyone's questions that you sent in. I'm really excited to start tackling them. I hope that you'll find my two cents helpful.]

Diane wrote in:

"My problems with my wardrobe generally lie in my not knowing how to translate the cute outfits I see on others into something that is garment-compatible and works with my long-bodied, short-legged, busty, narrow-hipped self. Or maybe it's that I lack confidence when it comes to breaking out of my jeans-and-tshirt box. But anyway....could you help me out?"

Yes I can!

First of all, there are a few tricks for the making the legs and torso look more balanced. One of the easiest ways is to make belts your new best friend. You may need to wear them higher than what might feel natural, but by adding a belt to the mix at the right height you can shorten your torso and add length to the bottom half. The other thing to keep in mind with belts if you wear them with your pants you should match the belt to yourpants. If the belt matches your shirt, it will give the illusion that your shirt is continuing down further, thus making your torso appear even longer. This is what Oprah would call an "Ah-hah! moment," right ladies? And Mark? He's my one male reader. Love Mark.
Another thing to keep in mind is to stay away from low rise pants, and instead, go for ones that have a higher rise. Same thing for skirts. And, good thing for you, that's hot right now, so it won't be hard to find. A high-waisted pencil skirt would look great on you as well because of your narrow-hips.

Empire waist blouses and dresses will also elongate your legs and get you to that proportion you're looking for.
I also always tell people who are concerned about leg length not to wear a pant with a cuff on the bottom because it shortens your leg. Pinstripes will help elongate your legs as well.

Also, if you're wearing pants, a shirt and jacket of some sort, either a blazer or a suit jacket, try keeping the shirt and the bottoms monochromatic so it's hard to tell where the top and bottom break.
Keep the skirt, if it is a skirt, short, keeping in mind that the hemline should hit you right above the knee where your leg indents.

Thanks Diane, for your question. I hope you find this helpful!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Questions Anyone?

So obviously this has been a slow start for this little blog. So I'm asking for your help...

There is so much to talk about when it comes to discussing what to wear and when I sit down to type I start going off in all directions to make sure I'm covering it all. So what would be most helpful is if any of my 2 readers could send me your burning questions and I will do my best to answer them on the blog.

For example...a lot of us will be attending holiday parties in the next month or two and you may need help finding that perfect party dress. Or you may need to purchase a new coat for the winter and want to know what to look for in a coat. Or you want to pull off those cute skinny pants but just don't know what to wear them with. Whatever is on your mind...please maybe, just maybe, I'll keep this blog up!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Mom Days

I apologize for neglecting this new blog. The topic of this particular post might give you some insight into what has been distracting me. 

I'm a busy mother of some very active little ones as I know a number of women are.  It can be challenging to stay motivated to dress well when all you're finding yourself doing is the daily carpool, play dates and grocery shopping. But on the days that you find yourself on these errands and you don't know how to be practical and still stylish at the same time here is what I have to say...

It's really not hard or time consuming to make a t-shirt and jeans look purposeful and still incorporate your own personal style, which is what I think is the most important part- I suggest just adding one accessory that pops to finish it off. 

Possibly a scarf, trendy head band, colored belt, long necklace or some eye catching flats. Don't over-do it and don't try to be too matchy-matchy. The goal is to make it look easy and not over-thought. 

 Even just remembering to grab one of these items on your way out the door will help you achieve that "I know what I'm doing" look instead of "What has my life become?" look. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wanna Be Taller?

I have height issues and am always looking for a way to grow and figure there are a few others out there who are as vertically challenged as me.  So besides the obvious investment in some fabulous Minolos here are a few tips on how to make us shorties out there appear taller.  

1. Sit up straight. Duh. And stand up straight. Even if you're not short, please don't be slouchy. Nothing says Eeyore like a pair of slunky shoulders. If you are on the shorter side, sitting and standing with good posture will definitely keep your stature up there. 

2. Avoid big wide belts. These split you up and make you appear shorter. 

3. Wear monochromatic colors top to bottom. This helps the eye move up and down giving you the length you want. If you break up your outfit with contrasting colors the eye jumps from break line to break line and makes you appear shorter. Uh-huh, sure does. 

4. Vertical lines.  Not only do they slenderize you, but again, they help the eye move up and down, giving you a lengthier appearance. 

5. Say no to baggy clothes.  I know this is hard for some of the men who love their 90's style skater jeans. Say bye-bye to baggies. Doesn't mean you have wear your wife's matchstick jeans but slenderer is better-and taller.

6. Wear cuff-less pants. The lines from the cuffs cut your legs at the ankle and take that length away. 

7. Match your shoe color to the color of your pants-this makes your legs look longer.  Matching your belt color to the color of your shirt lengthens your torso. 

Hurray! Now you don't have to get that awful bone lengthening surgery. This is way cheaper and practically painless, except for that sitting up sraight thing...gee-whiz. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh So Pretty

Today I snuck away from the kids for a couple hours and headed to a nearby spa to get my waxes and nails done. I always leave the spa telling myself that I need to make this part of my routine because it really does make you feel pretty.  Sometimes us girls need to remember that it's okay to pamper ourselves, even if it's not for a special occasion, in fact, that may be the time when it's needed most. Just a little pick me up from our usual day to day stuff. 

And remember, even those little things at the ends of our fingers and toes tell people about you. If they've been neglected for far too long it won't go unnoticed (unless it's the winter and they're hiding in boots).  

So my advice for the day is remember to take care of all those little hairs, wherever they might grow! And your nails. It will make you feel better and show others that you take care of yourself. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

For the Men in Our Lives

P.S. This is not just for the ladies. Although I know that my readers will mainly be women, I also like to include the men. I believe that a well-dressed man can be one of your most valuable accessories. So help a brother out. Sometimes they just need a little guidance. 

First things first

Good evening world and welcome to my style blog. 

 For as long as I can remember, I have always been preoccupied with clothing and how to wear it. I may not have had all the clothes I wanted, but I sure dreamed about them when I went to bed each night.  And today, I am still preoccupied with what people are wearing and if it is making them look good.  If it's not, it is all I can do to not say something. If you're sitting across from me on the subway you can be sure I've mentally made you over and you now could get a job. I can't help myself when it comes to fixing the things that are holding people back in terms of looking their best.  Which is why I am in the business of image consulting. This is my blog to share with my readers, whomever they may be, the secrets of looking good. 

Here's to looking simply smASHing!